McDFoodForThoughts- McDonald’s Food For Thoughts Survey

McDonald’s is the favorite fast-food outlet for everyone. If you have visited the eatery store recently to have your favorite burger, why not take part in the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey that is conducted online? You can visit to take part in the survey and provide your valuable feedback to McDonald’s management. They will get to learn about the food, pricing, ambiance, and quality through the feedback given by you, and this will help them improvise the services and quality. The main intent behind taking the survey is to gain customer loyalty and keep them happy always by serving the best food. However, this survey can only be taken by customers who have recently visited this fast-food eatery. The owners would want to know what makes the customers happy and what is the disappointing area.

McDFoodForThoughts Survey

The Mcdfoodforthoughts survey is an initiative started by this food chain to take suggestions and reviews from customers to learn the ways to improve the quality of service. The feedback program will help them identify the areas of improvement with ease. The company would love to take the honest feedback given to raise the standards of its products. It hardly takes 5 minutes for an individual to complete the survey. Customers must enter the 12-digit code printed on the receipt to participate.


McDonald’s is a massive food chain that was started way back in 1940 and has spread its wings by opening many franchises globally. It has branches in 120 countries and serves millions of customers every day globally. American comfort food is what is found on the menu of McDonald’s. You can expect the menu to be filled with different types of burgers, French fries, drinks, and fried chicken. There are also healthier food options available on the menu. However, the menu differs a bit from one place to another. It is customized based on what food and spices that country people love to enjoy. - Free Meal McDonald's Food Survey

McDFoodForThoughts Survey

Key requirements to take part in the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey

The following are the requirements you must meet to participate in the survey that is conducted by Mcdfoodforthoughts

  • You must be above 16 years of age to take part in the survey at However, you must take part in the survey within 7 days of visiting the restaurant and use the code printed on the receipt.
  • You must be a resident of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.
  • You must purchase at McDonald’s.
  • Only one person can take part in the survey for every receipt.
  • You cannot claim the coupons you got for cash.
  • You cannot combine coupons with other offers to get big discounts.
  • Employees and immediate family members of employees working with McDonald’s are not eligible to take part in the survey
  • You must hold a valid receipt from the McDonald’s UK outlet printed with the survey invitation code on it
  • Should know Basic English language
  • Each receipt will get only one free item coupon
  • Must have a mobile, laptop, or desktop connected to the internet to participate

Rewards you can win by participating in the McDonald’s survey

When you are investing time in the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey, certainly you would expect something in return. McDonald’s survey never disappoints you. It offers you great offers and prizes after taking the survey which you can use when you visit the store next time. You will get the voucher which can have one big Mac or Filet-o-fish or a vegetable deluxe burger and French fries or a side salad. The whole cost of the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey coupons you get would be around 1.99 pounds. You can use these coupons within 60 days of receiving them.

In Ireland, you can get the rewards like Big Mac, vegetable Deluxe, a Filet-o-fish, and a side salad for just 3.90 pounds.

How to Take MCDfoodthoughts survey

Here is the step-by-step procedure that you have to follow to complete the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey briskly and grab the coupons which you can use to get free burgers the next time you visit the restaurant.

  • First purchase in any of the McDonald’s outlets.
  • Keep the receipt with you and visit mcdfoodforthoughts. com to start taking the survey.

Welcome to Mcdfoodforthoughts survey

  • Go to the welcome page and click the continue button to start the survey. However, you have to read the terms and conditions before proceeding.

McDonald’s Food for Thoughts - Welcome

  • You have to select either yes or no. Select yes if you have the receipt with you.

Mcdfoodforthoughts survey

  • Enter the code that is printed on the receipt, and the date, and time of order that is on the receipt.
  • Click Start to start providing feedback. You will be redirected to the survey page of McDonald’s Food for thoughts.
  • Answer all the questions that are displayed on the screen. The questions will be related to the dining experience, menu, delivery, and drive-thru places where the store is set up.
  • Provide the overall satisfaction rating you had when you visited the store recently.
  • Provide satisfaction in different criteria such as food, cleanliness, environment, service, staff, and so on.
  • Fill out all the answers for all questions in the survey as per your knowledge.
  • Enter the contact details in the provided fields, that is you will be asked to provide the contact number and email address.
  • Click submit to submit the survey feedback and this feedback will be sent to the management directly. As soon as you complete, you will receive the 1.99 pounds of coupons which you can redeem to have a Big Mac and fries in any of the McDonald’s outlets closer to you.


Now that you have learned how to take part in the survey so do not miss the opportunity to participate and win exciting prizes that let you enjoy a free burger at McDonald’s on your next visit. All the questions that you get in the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey would be related to the experience you had at the store. Therefore, it is quite easy for you to give your feedback and share the experience through the satisfaction levels and at the end grab the voucher.